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Silas Orlando Trippe was a jewler and photographer. Born March 22, 1843, at Windman, Pa., Trippe was educated in the schools of Pennsylvania and when he was 19, enlisted in Co. K of the 109th New York infantry regiment, U.S. Army. He was wounded seriously at Cold Harbor and mustered into the reserves and out of service in 1865. In 1870, he moved to Selma where he worked in Hobb's Jewelry Store for twenty-five years. For thirteen years, Trippe belonged to the Selma Guards. Trippe was also an amateur photographer who made photos of Mt. Vernon, Alabama for the U.S. War Dept. He died in Selma in 1907. His widow donated these photographs to the Department in 1910.

This collection consists of twenty-eight photographs taken by S.O. Trippe. These photographs are of Mt. Vernon Barracks, Selma, and Cahaba, Alabama. The ten images of Mt. Vernon Barracks document not only the structures present but the Apache Indians that were imprisoned there as well. These photographs include a portrait of Geronimo, as well as a group shot of Geronimo and several of his fellow chiefs, including Nachez and Loco. The Selma images include images of African Americans, a black cemetery, the Selma Guards in front of Hobb's Jewelry where Trippe worked, a picture of U.S. Senators John Tyler Morgan and Edmund Pettus, a picture of a mule-drawn trolley, and the tomb of U.S. Vice President William Rufus King. The Cahaba photographs include images of the Cahaba ferry, the Dallas Academy, wells and several Cahaba homes.

Mt Vernon Barracks, Ala.

"Indians at Mt. Vernon, Ala."
"Indian Camp"
Indian Camp
"Capt Burnham's Residence"
"Barracks & Canteen"
"1st & 2nd Ave."
"Residence at Mt. Vernon"
"Reservation Rev. Jas. C. Kerr Chaplain"
"Surgeon's Home at Mt. Vernon Insane Hospital"
"Mt. Vernon Barracks"
"Geronimo, Chief of Apache Indians"

Selma, Dallas County, Ala.

"Men That Selma is Justly Proud of"
"Negro Scene" [African American man with cotton bale]
"Sunday in 'Dixie Land'"
"Vault" [Tomb of William Rufus King, Selma]
"The Selma Guards"
"I'm well, hows you?" [Two African American Women]
"Selma's Discarded Feet" [Mule-drawn trolley]
"Negro Cemetery in Selma, AL"
"Old Nanny" [African American woman with child]

Cahaba, Dallas County, Ala.

"A Common Scene in Cahaba"
"Old Dallas Academy"
Artesian fountain at the site of Perrine Home
"One of the Many Flowing Wells in Cahaba"
"Perrine Mansion as it Was"
"Cahaba Ferry"
"A Cahaba Mansion"
"The Kirkpatrick's Home, Cahaba"
"The Remains of the Old Dallas Academy in Cahaba"

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