The Bronze Door Panels
Designed by noted illustrator Nathan Glick, eight scenes from Alabama history are depicted on these monumental doors.

Tallulah Bankhead, Famous Alabama Actress
A certain look and a husky voice come to mind for those who are familiar with the Huntsville, Alabama-born actress Tallulah.

Hank Williams: A Look Back
Newspaper clippings and photographs document the life of the famous Alabama musician.

Lurleen Wallace: From Childhood the Alabama's Governor
Alabama's first woman governor, Lurleen Wallace is remembered for working for the upgrading of Alabama's mental health facilities while governor.

Alabama's Rural Schools of Yesterday and Today
"Alabama's Rural Schools," and "Alabama, My Home: A Celebration of Rural Historical Schools," showcase the rural schools of Alabama. The exhibits were developed in cooperation with Bibb Graves High School students Jennifer Horne, Joanie Thomas, Rachel Beverly, Carmel White, Brandon Gardner, and Carmen Greer of Ms. Pam Horn's class from Millerville, Alabama, and the PACERS Small School Cooperative. Some of the photos can be seen here.

Nicola Marschall: Artist of the Deep South
The nineteenth century Prussian-born artist Nicola Marschall arrived on-the-scene in Marion, Alabama, in the mid-nineteenth century. There, Marschall was commissioned to paint the portraits of members of surrounding communities. The lives of his sitters reflect the time and place in which they lived. The notebook for teachers and students, based on the portraits and archival materials at the Alabama Department of Archives and History, is an avenue into the nineteenth century.

Silas Orlando Trippe Photograph Collection
Trippe was an amateur photographer who made photos of Mt. Vernon, Alabama, and the Apache Indians that were imprisoned there as well. These photographs include a portrait of Geronimo and several of his fellow chiefs. The Selma images include images of African Americans, a black cemetery, the Selma Guards in front of Hobb's Jewelry where Trippe worked, a picture of U.S. Senators John Tyler Morgan and Edmund Pettus, a picture of a mule-drawn trolley, and the tomb of U.S. Vice President William Rufus King. The Cahaba photographs include images of the Cahaba ferry, the Dallas Academy, wells and several Cahaba homes.

Confederate Officers Photograph Album
This collection contains cartes-de-viste photographs of officers who served in the Confederate army. The majority of the officers served as either major generals or brigadier generals in the Confederate forces. The collection includes the photographs of many lesser known officers as well as the famous, such as Robert E. Lee, Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, John Tyler Morgan, Stonewall Jackson, and JEB Stuart.

Civil War Battle Flags Collection
This is an on-line version of the report prepared in January 1997 by Robert B. Bradley, Curator, Special Collections, Alabama Department of Archives and History. The report is supplemented by color images of the flags when an image is available. Researchers may order a copy of the flag photographs using the photograph order form. Reproduction of any image (including downloading files for reproduction on the internet) requires the submission of a permission to publish form and proper citation of the source.

Mobile: Alabama's Tricentennial City
Images relating to Mobile are on display throughout 2002 in the second floor Hands-on Gallery at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The photos of the WPA-era paintings are of the murals at the City of Mobile Museum.

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