Tallulah Bankhead

Famous Alabama Actress

Tallulah Bankhead

A certain look and a husky voice come to mind for those who are familiar with the Huntsville, Alabama-born actress Tallulah Brockman Bankhead.

Tallulah at age 3.
From the politically famous Bankhead family, Tallulah's father, William Brockman Bankhead (1874-1940), served in the U.S. Congress as a Democratic representative from Alabama from 1917-1940, and as House Speaker from 1936-1940. Tallulah's aunt and William's sister, Marie Bankhead Owen succeeded her husband Thomas McAdory Owen as director of the Alabama Department of Archives and History from 1920-1955.
Tallulah Bankhead as a baby

Tallulah Bankhead as a teenager
Tallulah's rise to fame came at the age of 15, after entering a talent search conducted by a movie magazine. She moved to New York and became moderately successful.

Tallulah at age 16, playing in "39 East" on Broadway.

Tallulah became the darling of the English theatre between 1923 and 1930. From 1932 she appeared in many New York plays, attaining her great success in 1939 in "The Little Foxes." Around the world she also became known for her screen persona and her off-stage antics.
Tallulah Bankhead in a hat

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