Alabama History Teaching Kit


Southeastern American Indians of Alabama ArchiTrunk, an Alabama history teaching kit. This teaching kit was developed in consultation with Alabama teachers, and represents a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teaching resource. All activities are geared toward the Alabama Course of Study standards for the 4th Grade, and are hands-on and age-appropriate. It includes:


Artifact reproductions




Lesson Plans

Activity Sheets


photo of Southeastern Indians of Alabama ArchiTrunk


Kits will be shipped via UPS for a one-week period. No rental fee is charged; only the cost of shipping the kit to the school and returning the kit to the Archives. Kits may also be picked up and returned to the Archives by the teacher. Kits are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis.


How to Use ArchiTrunk


ArchiTrunk Lesson Plans and Activities



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For more information call Kelly Hoomes at 334-353-4702 or email her at kelly.hoomes@archives.alabama.gov




Updated: July 16, 2010