Documenting The
Civil War Period Flag Collection
At The Alabama Department Of Archives
And History

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Many individuals have provided valuable assistance and significant support during the preparation of this document. Howard Michael Madaus, author of The Battle Flags of the Confederate Army of Tennessee and numerous articles concerning Confederate flags, has been particularly helpful. His willingness to share information that he has gathered in preparation for what will truly be the definitive work on Confederate flags, is greatly appreciated. Greg Biggs of Celina, Ohio; Dave Neel of Birmingham, Alabama; and Bill Rambo, director at Confederate Memorial Park in Chilton County, Alabama, have all provided information which helped make this report more complete.

Several members of the staff at the Alabama Department of Archives and History have been very supportive. Curator Bob Cason provided the initial list of flags from which I began the research phase of this report, and he has worked closely with me on every facet of the Flag Conservation Project. His unwavering commitment to the preservation of the Department's collection serves as a daily inspiration. Mike Breedlove, Rickie Brunner, Beryl Copeland, Patricia Sweet, Ken Tilley and Sarah Ann Warren located information on various flags and regiments which proved to be very useful. Both Norwood Kerr and Debra Wilkins provided editorial support and made valuable suggestions. Thanks to Ed Bridges, Alice Knierim, and Alden Monroe for allowing me the opportunity and time to work with the flag collection. Special thanks to Aidee Baker, who through numerous revisions, turned this into a readable manuscript.

This report is intended to preserve the information concerning the flags and is part of the Flag Conservation Project, which is designed to preserve the flags themselves. The vast majority of funds provided for this project has come from private sources through donations to the Friends of the Alabama Archives. Special thanks are due to to Bill Rambo and the Selma Kiwanis for the annual donation from the proceeds from the Battle of Selma re-enactment. The Alabama division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has been quite supportive; however, the members of the Thomas Goode Jones Camp No. 259 must be singled out for their outstanding efforts to save the flags. Finally, thanks to former Friends of the Archives coordinators Kathy Mangum and Mary Beth Davis for their efforts on behalf of the Flag Conservation Project.

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Updated: October 26, 2006