Flag: C.S.A. Flag (Miniature, Combined First and Second National Patterns)
Catalogue No. 86.3588.1

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Provenance Reconstruction:

This flag was made in April 1864 by Marie Louise Taylor from fragments of the first Confederate flag raised in Talladega. The flag is similar in form to both the first and second national Confederate flags having a battle flag canton and three stripes (two red, one white). The flag is inscribed with dates of significance, poetry and the abbreviated names of the southern states.

The flag was donated to the Alabama Department of Archives and History by Mrs. Taylor1 on January 14, 1908.

       Curator's Object Files, Civil War Flags, Alabama Department of Archives and History.
       Owen, Thomas M. History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography. S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1921.

1 Miss Taylor married Richard N. Taylor.

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