Flag: Marion Rifles or Marion Light Infantry (possible)
Catalogue No. 87.1109.1

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Provenance Reconstruction:

This flag was discovered within the folds of the flag of the Marion Light Infantry (Co. G, 4th Alabama Infantry, 86.4007.1) on August 8, 1990 by Alabama Department of Archives and History curators. The flag of the Marion Light Infantry was donated to the Department on March 15, 1904 by Mrs. Porter King. The accession log entry for that date records the donation of only one flag. Due to the fragile condition of the flag, it had not been unfolded for 86 years. Since the log entry records only one flag, it is doubtful that Mrs. King knew of the existence of the second flag. Also found with the flag, was a newspaper article from The Commonwealth, Marion, Alabama, December 15, 1860. However, this article details the presentation of the cotton plant flag made from Mrs. Sumter Lea's wedding dress to the Marion Rifles on December 13, 1860.

The association between this flag and that of the Marion Rifles or the Marion Light Infantry remains unclear.

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