Flag: Gage's Battery (probable)
Catalogue No. 96.202.1
No Photograph Available

Provenance Reconstruction:

There is very little documentation concerning this flag. According to an article which appeared in The Birmingham Age Herald, January 16, 1928, the flag "was made by the wife of Captain Charles P. Gage of Mobile and was given to the troops on the eve of departure for the front." The article goes on to state that the flag was given to the Jefferson Volunteers in 1889, by Colonel Rufus N. Rhodes, founder of The Birmingham News. In January 1928, it was given to the Birmingham Public Library by Charles Swend. The flag was transferred from the Birmingham Public Library to the Alabama Department of Archives and History on May 22, 1996.

At the time the flag was acquired it was in extremely bad condition. The flag is a silk seven star first national Confederate flag. The red and white bars are made of individual red and white stripes, which may have been intended for use in the manufacture of a U.S. flag.

       Curator's Object Files, Civil War Flags, Alabama Department of Archives and History.

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Updated: October 25, 2006