flag of Waters' Battery before conservation treatmentflag of Waters' Battery after conservation treatment

Images of flag of Waters' Battery before (L) and after (R) conservation treatment.

Flag: Waters' Battery
Catalogue No. 86.3925.1

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Provenance Reconstruction:

This flag is believed to have been issued to Waters' Battery of Mobile, Alabama early in 1863. Only two other flags of this design (white St. George's Cross on a blue field) are known to have survived. One, the flag of the 22nd Alabama Infantry (86.2759.1) is in the Archives' collection. The other flag, believed to be that of the 24th Alabama Infantry, is in the collection of the Chicago Historical Society. Captain David Waters retained possession of his battery's flag following the war. After his death, the flag was left to his daughter, Mrs. Maude Waters Johnston. Mrs. Johnston gave the flag to Robert J. Burns, her husband's nephew. The flag was donated to the Alabama Department of Archives and History on September 7, 1959 by Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burns, 2329 San Felipe Road, Houston, Texas.

This flag received conservation treatment and was prepared for display by Textile Preservation Associates, Inc. of Sharpsburg, Maryland in March 1999 (see conservation report).

       Curator's Object Files, Civil War Flags, Alabama Department of Archives and History.
       Madaus, Howard Michael. The Battle Flags of the Confederate Army of Tennessee. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1976.

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