Image of Hilliard's Legion flag before conservation treatment (left) and after (right).

Flag: Hilliard's Legion
Catalogue No. 87.616.1
(PN10140-10141, PN10163-10164)

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Provenance Reconstruction:

According to the available documentation, this flag was made from the wedding trousseau of Mrs. Henry W. Hilliard. It was presented to Hilliard's Legion upon their organization in June 1862. Hilliard's Legion was divided in November 1863 in order to create the 23rd Alabama Battalion, the 59th and the 60th Alabama Infantry Regiments. The flag was then retained by Colonel John W. A. Sanford, 60th Alabama Infantry. At some point Sanford gave the flag to Private John B. Fuller. Fuller's son, Paul B. Fuller, donated the flag to the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The flag was received by the Department on July 26, 1963.

This flag received conservation treatment and was prepared for display by Textile Preservation Associates, Inc. of Sharpsburg, Maryland in September 2002.

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