Flag: 58th Alabama Infantry (32nd and 58th combined)
Catalogue No. 86.3947.1

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Provenance Reconstruction:

Flags of this pattern were manufactured in Mobile and issued within the Department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana.1 The flag was issued to the regiment sometime after the Battle of Rocky Face Ridge, (February 25, 1864) but prior to the Battle of Resaca (May 15, 1864).2 The 32nd and 58th Alabama Infantry were consolidated in November 1863 yet, at the time the flag was issued, it bore an appliqued regimental designation for the 58th only. This was rectified after the flag was issued by the addition of a crudely applied "32nd". The flag was carried by the consolidated regiment through the rest of the war. When the regiment surrendered at Meridian, Mississippi in May 1865, flag bearer James Freeman removed the flag from its staff and concealed it in the leg of his boot. Freeman retained the flag after the war and eventually moved north. Upon Freeman's death, his son advertised in an attempt to find veterans who had served with his father. As a result of his efforts, former Lt. Colonel John Washington Inzer of Asheville, St. Clair County, Alabama eventually acquired the flag. On May 31, 1906, Inzer donated the flag to the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The flag was loaned to Inzer for a veteran's reunion at Odenville, Alabama on July 4, 1911 and was returned to the Department following the reunion.

This flag is one of four nearly identical flags in the Department's collection which were carried by regiments within the brigade of Brigadier General H. D. Clayton at the Battle of Resaca, Georgia.

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1Flags of this pattern were manufactured by James A. Cameron and Jackson Ogden Belknap.
2The most recent battle honor appliqued to the flag at the time of manufacture was for the Battle of Rocky Face Ridge (Rocky Face Mountain). A portion of this honor has been ripped away from the fly of the flag, leaving only the word "Mountain".

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