Flag: 22nd Alabama Infantry (Co. I, Pike Grays)
Catalogue No. 86.1896.1

(No photograph available)

Provenance Reconstruction:

This flag was donated to the Alabama Department of Archives and History on November 4, 1915 by Mary A. Pickett of Fitzpatrick, Alabama and listed as unidentified. On May 19, 1930, Director Marie B. Owen wrote Miss Pickett requesting information on the flag. On December 18, 1930, Miss Pickett replied identifying the flag as that of Co. I (Pike Grays) 22nd Alabama Infantry which had been in the possession of Lieutenant M. C. Cooper. She also gave many details concerning the history of the flag. Despite this information, the flag remained labeled "unidentified."

On June 22, 1958, Director Peter Brannon wrote Emma Richter, daughter of Marcellus Carter Cooper concerning confusion over this flag and that of the 22nd Alabama (86.2759.1) then in Ohio. She too replied giving many particulars concerning the flag. Again, the flag remained labeled "unidentified."

On December 28, 1989, while unfolding an unidentified flag, Archives' curators discovered a card attached with the inscription. "Old Confederate Flag. Unidentified Presented by Miss Mary A. Pickett, Fitzpatrick, Alabama, November 4, 1915." Another card was inscribed "M. C. Cooper's flag."

Based upon the letters of Mary H. Pickett and Emma Richter it appears that this flag was presented to the company (regiment?) by the ladies of Mobile when the regiment was in winter quarters there (1861-1862). The flag was accepted by either Major E. Herbert Armstead or Major Robert Beverly Armstead of Mobile. During the Battle of Shiloh, the flag bearer was apparently killed and the flag taken up by Willie Baldwin.1 After the war, the flag remained in the possession of M. C. Cooper who resided in Montgomery. Each Memorial Day, he placed the flag on Willie Baldwin's grave. The flag was also carried at reunions until it became somewhat tattered. At that point, it was placed in a metal tube.

In 1902, the Cooper family moved to Georgia and the flag was left with relatives in Montgomery. M. C. Cooper died in 1906, and at either his or his family's request, the flag was eventually placed in the Archives by Miss Pickett.

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1This was apparently 2nd Lt. William O. Baldwin of Company G. Baldwin was later promoted to Captain and was killed at Franklin, Tennessee.

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