Flag: 18th Alabama Infantry
Catalogue No. 86.1892.1

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Provenance Reconstruction:

This flag, manufactured by Henry Cassidy of New Orleans, conforms to the pattern of those carried by the corps of Major General Braxton Bragg. The date of issue is unknown, but this flag may have been among those issued to Bragg's Corps by General P. G. T. Beauregard on March 3, 1862. The manner in which this flag fell into Federal hands is unknown however, the loss or capture occurred sometime after June 3, 1862.1 Following its capture, the flag was preserved by Brevet Major General Wiley Crawford. His family later deposited it with the Military Service Institution, Governor's Island, New York. The flag was discovered by a visitor from New Orleans who notified George P. Harrison, Commander of the Alabama Division, United Confederate Veterans of its location. Harrison in turn notified Dr. Thomas M. Owen, Director, Alabama Department of Archives and History who wrote Brigadier General T. T. Rodenbaugh requesting the return of the flag. Upon approval of the Executive Council of the Military Service Institution, the flag was returned to the State of Alabama effective September 7, 1905.

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1A rectangular linen patch attached to this flag bears battle honors for Shiloh, Farmington and Blackland. Since Reverend Edgar W. Jones mentions adding "Blackland" just under Shiloh in his January 1905 account, this patch must be contemporary to the flag. Thus, the capture or loss of the flag had to have occured after the skirmish at Blackland, Mississippi on June 3, 1862.

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