Flag: 15th Alabama Infantry
Catalogue No. 86.3938.1

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Provenance Reconstruction:

According to tradition, this flag was presented to the regiment (Col. James Cantey accepting) at Ft. Mitchell in the summer of 1861, by Miss Mary Chambers of Russell County. While the regiment probably did receive a flag at that time, this flag could not have been issued any earlier than November 1861.1

This flag was among those manufactured by three sewing circles in Richmond, Virginia at the request of Confederate Quartermaster Colin Selph. According to former Colonel A. A. Lowther, 15th Alabama Infantry, this flag was carried by the regiment during Stonewall Jackson's Valley campaign and fought under at the battles of Winchester, Cross Keys and Port Republic of that campaign. It was again fought under at Cold Harbor, in the campaign against McClellan below Richmond and at Cedar Run. When the regiment was issued a new flag, Lowther retained possession of this flag. The flag was presented to the Alabama Department of Archives and History by Lowther's daughter Miss Virginia Lowther of Macon, Georgia. It was received on March 18, 1927.

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1 Flags of this pattern were issued to regiments in Virginia beginning in November and continuing into December, 1861. This flag is the second type of two designs which were issued at that time.

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