Flag: 11th Alabama Infantry (Co. E, Yancey Rifles)
Catalogue No. 86.3931.1-3

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Provenance Reconstruction:

There was no information with this flag other than regimental and company identification. During research on the flags, five letters related to an 11th Alabama flag were located but could not be tied with a specific flag. Upon unfolding the flag, two additional letters were discovered which unraveled the mystery.

Based on information provided by Professor E. P. Hammond, Dr. Owen, Director, Alabama Department of Archives and History initially tried to acquire this flag in June 1903 from a Mrs. Dogan, Prince William County, Virginia. According to a letter dated December 11, 1903 from Mr. Hammond, Mrs. Dogan considered the flag a heirloom and refused to part with it.

On March 31, 1927, Frances B. Dogan wrote the Department stating that she had discovered the flag and a letter to "Mother Dogan" in an old cupboard. The letter was the original written by Dr. Owen on December 15, 1903. The flag and letter were both sent to the Department, with the following inscription.

Mrs. W. H. Dogan
Rt. 3, Box 40
Manassas, Virginia

       Curator's Object Files, Civil War Flags, Alabama Department of Archives and History.
       Tancig, W. J. Confederate Military Land Units, 1861-1865. New York, Thomas Yoseloff, 1967.

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