Flag of the Perote Guards before conservation treatment (left), and after treatment (right).
Flag: 1st Alabama Infantry (Co. C-G, Perote Guards)
Catalogue No. 86.3927.1
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Provenance Reconstruction:

This flag was made by Miss Martha Crossley, Miss Queen Gamble and other ladies of Perote, Pike County, Alabama. It was presented to the company in September 1860 on the steps of the Methodist Church in Perote. The flag was presented by Miss Crossley and received for the company by M. B. Locke. The Perote Guards were sent to Pensacola, Florida where they became part of the 1st Alabama Infantry. Upon receipt of a regimental flag, the company flags were placed with the regimental quartermaster for safe keeping.

The 1st Alabama Infantry surrendered on April 7, 1862 at Island No. 10. Following the surrender, the flag was taken from the company baggage by members of the 15th Wisconsin Infantry and eventually carried back to Wisconsin. Learning of the flag's location Dr. Thomas Owen, Director of the Alabama Department of Archives and History, requested its return in the summer of 1903. Ruben G. Thwaites, Secretary of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, replied on June 19, 1903 that he felt the Society would be quite willing to return the flag. This, however, would require a resolution by their legislature which did not meet again until January 1905. On March 15, 1905 Lieutenant and Acting Governor R. M. Cunningham requested that the flag be returned to Alabama. Joint Resolution Number 29-S of the Legislature of the State of Wisconsin, April 13, 1905 approved the return of the flag.

This flag received conservation treatment and was prepared for display by Textile Preservation Associates, Inc. of Sharpsburg, Maryland in September, 2002.

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