Sixty-First Alabama
Infantry Regiment

This regiment was organized at Pollard in September 1863. A number of the men had been in camps of instruction for some time under the conscript law of congress, while the officers were mostly veterans. The regiment was first brigaded under Gen. Clanton, but in Junuary 1864 was ordered to Virginia. Reaching Orange C. H., the regiment took the place of the Twenty-sixth Alabama in Battle's brigade, Rodes' division. The Sixty-first was first under fire at the Wilderness where its loss was severe, but it captured a battery, killed Gen. Jenkins, and almost annihilated his New York Zouave brigade. At Spottsylvania the Sixty-first lost heavily in casualties and prisoners during the several days' fighting. Its loss was not severe at the second Cold Harbor, and it soon after moved into the Valley with Early, and crossed into Maryland. At Snicker's Gap and Winchester the loss of the Sixty-first was severe, and even larger at Fisher's Hill. Rejoining the main army, the regiment took its place in the trenches at Petersburg, and lost continually, especially in prisoners at Hare's Hill. On the retreat to Appomattox the Sixty-first fought much of the time and surrendered there 27 men under Capt. A. B. Fannin.

Field and Staff

Colonels -- Wm. G. Swanson of Macon.

Lieut. Colonels -- Louis H. Hill of Coosa; captured at Petersburg.

Majors -- W. E. Pinckard of Macon; captured at Petersburg.

Adjutants -- Charles T. Pollard, Jr. of Montgomery; resigned. Thomas T. Greene of Montgomery.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

"A"-- Jas. W. Fannin of Macon; captured at Spottsylvania.

"B"-- Robert A. Peterson of Macon; retird. Wm. H. Philpot of Macon; captured at Petersburg.

"C"-- Julius P. Haggerty of Coosa; retired. C. C. Long of Macon.

Butler -- John F. Barganier; detached. .... Porter; captured at Spottsylvania; died in prison.

"E"-- Eugenius F. Baber of Macon; retired. Aug. B. Fannin, Jr. of Macon; wounded at Cold Harbor and Winchester.

Chmbers -- A. F. Zachary; wounded at Spottsylvania; retired. .. Allen.

Coffee -- A. D. McCaskill; killed at Wilderness. J. J. Joiner; killed at Hare's Hill.

Macon -- Sidney B. Paine; retired. Wm. A. Campbell; wounded.

"I" -- James S. Hastings of Montgomery; retired. A. J. Slaughter of Macon; wounded; at Snicker's Gap.

Henry (1864) -- J. K. Grantham.
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