Thirtieth Alabama

The Thirtieth was organized at Talladega April 16, 1862, and reported for duty at once to Chattanooga. Sent further into east Tennessee, it was brigaded under Gen. Reynolds of Tennessee, then under Gen. Stevenson. The regiment skirmished at Tazewell and Cumberland Gap, and moved into Kentucky, but was not engaged. On the return to Tennessee, the Thirtieth was brigaded with the Twentieth, Twenty-third, Thirty-first, and Forty-sixth Alabama, under Gen. Tracy of Madison, and in December was sent to Vicksburg with the other portions of Stevenson's division. In the spring the regiment fought with few casualties at Port Gibson, but was bathed in blood at Baker's Creek, where it lost 229 men killed, wounded, and missing - half of its number - and had four ensigns killed, and its colors rent by 63 balls and 16 shell fragments. Pent up in Vicksburg, the Thirtieth suffered severely in casualties during the siege, and was captured with the fortress. Paroled, the regiment recruited at Dempolis, and proceeded, with other portions of the brigade - now under Gen. Pettus of Dallas - to the main army near Chattanooga. The regiment was engaged without loss at Mission Ridge, and wintered at Dalton. At Rocky-face the Thirtieth suffered severely, and lightly at Resaca. From there to Atlanta its tattered colors floated at the front of the fire-tried Army of Tennessee, the regiment losing heavily at New Hope, Atlanta, and Jonesboro. Proceeding into Tennessee, the Thirtieth was cut up at Nashville, but was part of the rear guard back to Duck River. Transferred to North Carolina, the regiment fought at Kinston and Bentonville, suffering severely in casualties. With the army the Thirtieth surrendered at Greensboro, North Carolina, about 100 men being present for duty.

Field and Staff

Colonels - Charles M. Shelley of Talladega; promoted. James K. Elliot of Talladega; wounded at Bentonville.

Lieutenant Colonels - Taul Bradford of Talladega; resigned. A.J. Smith of Jefferson; killed at Vicksburg. John C. Francis of Calhoun; killed at Rocky-face. Thomas Patterson of Talladega; killed at Atlanta. James K. Elliot; promoted. Wm. H. Burr of St. Clair.

Majors - A.J. Smith; promoted. William Patterson of Talladega; wounded at Baker's Creek; resigned. John C. Francis; promoted. Thomas Patterson; promoted. James K. Elliot; promoted. Wm. H. Burr; promoted.

Adjutant - Wm. W. Houston of Talladega; wounded at Baker's Creek.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Shelby - C.G. Samuels; resigned. B.F. Samuels; resigned.

Shelby and Jefferson - .... Deshazo; resigned. J.M. Acton.

Talladega - Wm. Patterson; promoted. Henry Oden; killed at Vicksburg. .... Peacock; killed at Bentonville.

Talladega - David Anderson; killed at Baker's Creek. D. C. McCain.

Talladega - John Sawyer; resigned. James K. Elliot; wounded at Rocky-face; promoted. W.T. Webb.

Calhoun - John C. Francis; promoted. .... McCain.

Calhoun - Henry McBee; resigned. Samuel Kelly.

St. Clair - E.P. Woodward; resigned. Wm. H. Burr; wounded; promoted.

Talladega - Thomas Patterson; wounded at Port Gibson; promoted. Wm. S. McGhee; killed at Atlanta.

Randolph - Jack Derrett; killed near Atlanta. Lieutenant Stephens commanded.
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