Flag: Rucker's Brigade (Carried by Co. F, 7th Alabama Cavalry)
Catalogue No. 86.1876.1
(PN10171 - 10173)

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Provenance Reconstruction:

According to an account attributed to Colonel E. W. Rucker, this flag was presented to his brigade by Mrs. Lorenzo Leedy, a widow of Aberdeen, Mississippi. The flag was made from Mrs. Leedy's wedding dress by the ladies of Aberdeen. Former Captain C. P. Storrs, (Co. F, 7th Alabama Cavalry) reported that some of the "patriotic ladies" also contributed material from "their best dresses" in order to make the flag. Storrs further stated that the flag was presented in 1863 during one of the Tennessee campaigns and at that time, his company was selected as the escort and color company. Captain Storrs' company continued to carry the flag until the end of the war. The last flag bearer was F. C. Gregory of Montgomery. The flag was preserved after the war by Captain Storrs who donated it to the Alabama Department of Archives and History on July 8, 1907.

       Curator's Object Files, Civil War Flags, Alabama Department of Archives and History.

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