Records Destruction


Local Government Records Destruction Notice

Sample Completed Local Government Records Destruction Notice

Annual Reporting Form for Health Care Authorities


  • Records Disposition Authority or RDAs provide the legal authority for agencies to destroy temporary records

  • Reporting destruction to the Local Government Records Commission is required by law (Section 41-13-23 of the Code of Alabama 1975)

  • Agencies should submit a Local Government Records Destruction Notice to the Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH) each time that records, electronic or paper, are destroyed

  • ADAH maintains destruction notices permanently, in case there is ever a question (e.g., during audit or litigation) as to whether records were legally destroyed

  • Health Care Authorities can locate a separate annual reporting form for destruction

Key Items Needed to Successfully
Process and Expedite Your Destruction Notice


Contact Information

  1. Contact name (please type or print)
  2. Contact phone number
  3. Contact address
  4. Contact email address

Record Information

  1. Number of cubic feet (boxes)
  2. RDA number listed on the Functional Analysis and Records Disposition Authority
  3. Record title or description of records being destroyed

Superintendent's Signature (for school systems and boards of education)

  1. Signature
  2. Identify that the signature belongs to the superintendent as not every signature is legible

Email destruction notice

  1. Becky Hebert (becky.hebert@archives.alabama.gov)
  2. Devon Henschel (devon.henschel@archives.alabama.gov)
  3. Rebecca Jackson (rebecca.jackson@archives.alabama.gov)