Excerpts from The German Artist Who Designed the Confederate Flag and Uniform

By: Edgar Erskine Hume

The American-German Review

August, 1940

"From the dome of this Building, the First Capital, floated the First Flag of the Confederacy, known as the 'Stars and Bars,' designed by Nicola Marschall, of Marion, Ala., at the suggestion of Mrs, Napoleon Lockett of the place, Adopted by the Confederate Congress, March 4, 1861, and raised that day by Miss Letitia Tyler, grand-daughter of former U.S. President John Tyler." pp 39

In Honor of



Who Designed at Marion, Alabama

The Stars and Bars

First Official Flag Adopted

by the Confederate States

of America

Montgomery, Ala., March 4, 1861.

Then raised over Dome of that

first Confederate Capitol.

He also Designed

The Confederate Uniform. pp 40