Table of Contents

About Nicola Marschall
Marion Female Seminary
Seminary Program
Nicola Marschall's Medal
Excerpts from the American German Review, August 1940
      Nicola Marschall's Military Record
Historical Marker and Tombstone

The Subjects
Alexander Graham
Rebecca Jordan Curry
Jabez Curry
Cornelia Clark Lockett
Samuel Lockett
      Lockett's Sketches
      Link to Americans in the Egyptian Army
Napoleon Lockett
General Nathan Bedford Forrest
      Letter of introduction
John Marschall Walker
     Cedar Grove and Gravestone
     Letter of Sympathy to Mims Walker
Martha Eliza (Marshall) Marschall
      More on Mattie
Julia Zitella Cocke
      Publisher's Letter
      Zitella's Poetry
      1885 Piano Recital Program
      1898 Judson College Program
      Music Publishers "Latest Novelties"
      Recital Programs
      Zitella's Gravestone
Julia A. Evans
      Chambers Graham's Military Records
Mary Anthony Ikard Johnston
Harrison Johnston
      Death Notice
      Death Certificate
Joseph Forney Johnston
      On Johnston, the Governor
      About Senator Johnston
Basil Manly
      Manly on secession/sovereignty
      On the burning of the Campus
Augustine Schmidt
      Death Notices
Little Girl Schmidt
Hedwig ("Hettie") Schan Schmidt
      Stained glass in Demopolis


Student Activites:

What is a Primary Source?
What is a Secondary Source?
Critical Thinking Questions
Worksheet for critical analysis - Second Level
Did You Know?
Portrait Questions
Word Search
Portrait reading
Who am I?
Portrait time
Vocabulary List




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