Nicola Marschall: Artist of the Deep South:
Did you know?

- Nicola Marschall was born into a wealthy family in Prussia in 1829. He moved to the United States in 1849.

- From Mobile Marschall moved to Marion, and established a portrait studio. He became a member of the faculty at Marion Female Seminary; there he gave art lessons.

- Nicola Marschall designed the Confederate flag at the request of Mrs. Napoleon Lockett.

- Nicola Marschall usually signed and dated his portraits with a steel pen at the bottom right-hand corner when the paint was wet.

- It is believed that Nicola Marschall designed one type of the Confederate soldier's uniform.

- Nicola Marschall served briefly as a draftsman under Lt. Colonel Samuel Lockett in Company B, 2nd Regiment, Confederate Engineer Troops.

- Nicola Marschall was one of only a few artists to have General Nathan Bedford Forrest sit for his portrait.

- Following the Civil War, Nicola Marschall had to move to Louisville, Kentucky, so that he could find commissions to paint portraits.

- In 1876 Nicola Marschall won a medal from the International Exhibition in Philadelphia for his portrait work.