Alabama Bronze Map

A Guide to the Images of the Bronze Map on the Lawn of the Alabama Department of Archives and History

image from Bronze Map: Sequoyah: Creator of the Cherokee Syllabary'


78. Sequoyah: Creator of the Cherokee Syllabary

Wills Town, DeKalb County


In 1821, while living in Wills Town, Sequoyah created a system of writing the Cherokee language using symbols to represent the sounds of syllables. Sequoyah was the son of a Cherokee mother and a white father, and he fought with the Americans against the Creeks in the Battle of Horsehoe Bend.


NOTE: According to a native speaker of the Cherokee language, our spelling of "Sequoya" in the Cherokee alphabet is incorrect. The first character should be the one that resembles a lower case "b" and has the "si" sound, not the "tsa" sound, as represented on our map.


We apologize for the error.