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Official Alabama Shell

Johnstone's Junonia


image of Johnstone's Junonia seashell


photo by: Douglas N. Shelton


The Johnstone's Junonia or, Scaphella junonia johnstoneae, is a seashell found only in Alabama. The shell is the home of a deep water marine mollusk. A Harvard scientist, Dr. William J. Clench, named the shell in honor of Kathleen Yerger Johnstone, an amateur conchologist from Mobile, Alabama, who made seashells popular through speeches and books. The Scaphella junonia johnstoneae was made the state shell in 1990.


For more information see: http://fly.hiwaay.net/~dwills/alaview.html



Act 90-567, Acts of Alabama, April 19, 1990


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Updated: January 25, 2010