George Washington Stone

Born in Virginia and educated in Tennessee, where he studied law, George Washington Stone came to Alabama when he was twenty-two. For the next twenty-three years, he practiced law in Talladega and Lowndes counties, and served for six years as circuit judge.


The legislature elected Stone associate justice of the Supreme Court in 1856. Re-elected to the court in 1862, he served until 1865 and then established a law practice in Montgomery. Stone returned to the Supreme Court in March of 1874, having been appointed by Governor George S. Houston to fill a vacancy. In 1880 he was elected by popular vote to a full six-year term. Then in 1884 Governor Emmett O'Neal appointed him to succeed Robert Coman Brickell as chief justice, and he was elected to a six-year term in 1886. He continued in that office until his death. During his twenty-eight years on the Supreme Court, Stone wrote a total of 2,449 opinions. He also compiled the 1866 Penal Code of Alabama.


George Washington Stone was married three times--in 1834 to Mary Gillespie of Franklin, Tennessee; in 1849 to Emily Moore of Lowndes County; and in 1866 to Mary E. Wright, also of Lowndes County.


In 1954 Stone was elected to the Alabama Hall of Fame.


Source: Alabama Judicial System website.