Thomas M. Peters

Born in Tennessee, Thomas Minott Peters moved with his parents to Leighton, Alabama, in 1819. He attended LaGrange College and graduated from the University of Alabama with both bachelor's and master's degrees. After reading law in his brother's law office in Moulton, he was admitted to the bar in 1836. He then practiced law in Moulton and, for a short time, owned and edited a local newspaper.


In 1845 Peters, a Whig, was elected to represent Lawrence County in the state House of Representatives. Two years later, he represented Lawrence and Walker counties in the state Senate.

Upon completing his Senate term, Peters returned to private life and his law practice. He ardently opposed secession and was pro-Union in sentiment during the Civil War. During Reconstruction, he was elected a delegate from Lawrence County to the Constitutional Convention of 1867. Nominated by the Republican party in 1868 for the position of associate justice on the state Supreme Court, Peters held that office for six years. In 1873 he was chosen chief justice and served in that capacity for the 1873-1874 court term.


Thomas Minott Peters was married to Naomi Leech of Moulton. They had six children.


Source: Alabama Judicial System website.