Alabama Governors

Samuel B. Moore



When Gabriel Moore resigned as Alabama Governor to take a seat in the US Senate, he was succeeded by the president of the Alabama Senate, Samuel B. Moore. Samuel Moore was born in Franklin County, Tennessee, but he moved to Jackson County, Alabama as a young child. He was first elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in 1823. In 1828 Moore was elected to the Alabama Senate and was serving as the president of that body in 1831. Moore assumed his gubernatorial duties on March 3, 1831.


As governor, Samuel Moore continued the policies of his predecessor. The Board of Internal Improvement continued to survey the Coosa River and build roads. Like Gabriel Moore, Samuel Moore was opposed to nullification. Samuel Moore was an ardent supporter of the Bank of the State of Alabama. In 1831 Moore ran for reelection but was defeated by John Gayle in the hotly contested election. Moore returned to his home in Pickens County and served as the judge of the Pickens County Court from 1835-1841. Samuel Moore was elected once again to the State Senate in 1834 and served as its president in 1835. Moore retired from political life in 1838 and died in 1846.


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