Alabama Academy of Honor

William Flynt Nichols

The following biographical sketch was compiled at the time of induction into the Academy in 1983 and 2003.

William Flynt Nichols was born October 16, 1918 on a farm near Becker, Mississippi. He earned the B.S. degree in Agriculture at Alabama Polytechnic Institute in 1939 and the M.S. degree in Agronomy at the same institution in 1940.

He enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1942 and served in the European Theatre of Operations. He was wounded in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest, Germany, November 30, 1944. He lost his leg and spent two years in Walter Reed Hospital. He retired in 1947 at the rank of Captain. He was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

He was elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in 1959 and to the Alabama Senate in 1963 where he served on the Finance and Taxation Committee. He served as Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1966.

He was instrumental in promoting and enlarging the Military Affairs Committee. He was also active in promoting and enlarging the military installations at Fort McClellan; the Anniston Ordinance Depot; Maxwell Field in Montgomery and Fort Rucker.

His honors and memberships were quite numerous: Blue Key; Gamma Sigma Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Certificate of Merit, Alabama Textile Manufacturers Assn.; the L. Mendel Rivers Award of Legislative Excellence.

He was awarded the Honorary Degree, Doctor of Laws by Jacksonville State University.

He married Carolyn Funderburk on January 30, 1943, and they had three children: Carolyn Memorie (Nichols) Mitchell, Margaret Lynn, and Flynt. Mr. Nichols died on December 13, 1988.