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State Wildflower of Alabama

Oak-leaf Hydrangea

[image of oak-leaf hydrangea]


Photo courtesy of Bobby Dean, Membership Services Coordinator, Alabama TREASURE Forest Association.


The oak-leaf hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia Bartr., is hereby designated and named as the official state wildflower of Alabama.


Specimens of the state flower and wildflower shall be deposited in the Auburn University Herbarium.


Large spikes of white blooms in April and May rise above large green oak-shaped leaves. In summer, these blossoms turn a deep rose color and persist into the winter. The leaves turn red in the fall and the peeling bark of the stems and branches add to its attractive appearance.


This medium-size (six to eight feet tall) deciduous shrub is found in every section of Alabama. William Bartram was the first to notice this plant (in the 1770s) and he named it Hydrangea quercifolia (querci- oak, and folia - leaf).


It will grow in most soils, but prefers well-drained moisture-retentive soil. It will grow in full sun or shade and is easily rooted from softwood cuttings taken in July.


Acts of Alabama 99-313, June 1, 1999
Caroline R. Dean


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