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The words of Alabama, the state song, were written by Julia S. Tutwiler, a distinguished educator and humanitarian. It was first sung to an Austrian air but in 1931, through the interest of the Alabama Federation of Music Clubs, the music written by Mrs. Edna Gockel Gussen, Birmingham, was adopted by the legislature as the official state song. The bill was introduced by the Hon. Tyler Goodwyn, Montgomery, and was approved by Governor B. M. Miller.


The inspiration for writing the poem Alabama came to Julia Tutwiler after she returned to her native state from Germany where she had been studying new educational methods for girls and women. She recalled that in Germany patriotism was kept aflame by spirited songs. She thought that it would be helpful toward restoring the spirits of her own people to give them a new patriotic song, so she wrote a fatherland song and called it Alabama.


The music by Mrs. Edna Gockel Gussen, Birmingham, was adopted by the State Federation of Music Clubs and through their efforts, House Joint Resolution 74 was adopted March 9, 1931. Act no. 126, adopted the music and words as the state song of Alabama.


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