Official Symbols and Emblems of Alabama

Official Freshwater Fish

Largemouth Bass



Official Alabama Freshwater Fish

Image used with permission of
Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Bureau,
"The Fishes of Iowa"



By Act no. 1183 in 1975, the largemouth bass was chosen as the state freshwater fish. It is abundant in Alabama inland waters and popular with sport fishermen. It can be found throughout the United States in ponds, lakes, and rivers.


The Legislature erred, however in the wording of the legislation. In Act No. 1183, 1975 when they designated the Largemouth Bass as the official state freshwater fish, they incorrectly identified it by the Latin name Micropterus punctulatus, which is actually the Spotted Bass.


The correct Latin name for the Largemouth Bass is Micropterus salmoides.


Acts of Alabama, No. 1183, October 10, 1975

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