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Official Alabama State Crustacean



The Brown Shrimp, family Penaeidea, order Descapoda, species Peneaus aztecus, in March 2015 was designated the Official State Crustacean of Alabama.


photo of official Alabama State  Crustacean



The brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus, is a species of grooved, burrowing shrimp, common in Florida waters. Antennae are significantly longer than body length. Its carapace has a medial carina on the anterior surface that is bordered on either side by a broad, somewhat rounded groove. The prominent rostrum is slightly upturned with 5-10 sharp teeth on the upper edge. The integument is thin and translucent in appearance. Chromatophores give the animal a brown to olive-green appearance, though both red and green specimens of this species have been reported. The first 3 pairs of walking legs are chelate. Uropods are rounded and generally colored reddish-brown in the distal portions. The telson bears a sharp tip and a deep medial groove anteriorally. This species exhibits sexual dimorphism, with females growing larger than males. Generally, males attain only 3/5 of female weight, and 5/6 of female length. Females are further distinguished by the presence of a closed thelycum located on the ventral sternum of the thorax, while males are identified by the presence of the pentasma. Source: Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce.


Authority: Acts of Alabama 2015, NO. 124



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Updated: May 19, 2015