Official Symbols and Emblems of Alabama

Official Alabama Amphibian

Red Hills Salamander

photo of Red Hills Salamander


Photo Credit: U.S. Geological Survey Department of Interior/USGS


The official state amphibian of Alabama is the Red Hills salamander, Phaeognathus hubrichti Highton 1961. Extremely secretive and rarely seen, the Red Hills salamander is thought to exist only in a limited area of south Alabama in Butler, Conecuh, Crenshaw, Covington and Monroe Counties.


The Red Hills salamander has a dark brown tail and body and grows to approximately ten inches in length. The salamander's diet consists primarily of insects and spiders.


Under federal protection since 1976, the Red Hills salamander is near extinction because of its limited range, specific habitat requirements, low reproductive rates and loss of habitat from logging and other practices. Under the Endangered Species Act, habitat for the Red Hills salamander cannot be damaged or changed without a special permit.


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Updated: February 6, 2014