Confederate Officers Photograph Album
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This collection contains cartes-de-visite photographs of officers who served in the Confederate army. The majority of the officers served as either major generals or brigadier generals in the Confederate forces. The collection includes the photographs of many lesser known officers as well as the famous, such as Robert E. Lee, Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, John Tyler Morgan, Stonewall Jackson, and JEB Stuart.

The collection also includes photos of early American presidents and European royalty, which are not included in this web document. The cartes-de-visites were taken by photographers in Mobile, Nashville, and New York, and are roughly two by five inches. Nothing is known about a Dr. Young, the original owner of the album.

The Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH) is making these images available online for research and educational purposes. Anyone wishing to make use of these images for publication in any commercial enterprise must obtain written permission from the ADAH and must attribute the ADAH as the custodian of the originals.

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