Alabama Lieutenant Governors

Walter Dudley Seed, Sr.

Lieutenant Governor: 1911-1915

State Treasurer: 1907-1911


Walter Dudley Seed, Sr., of Tuscaloosa, was born in that place, June 26th, 1864, and was the son of Charles Clinton and Mattie Cordet (White) Seed, and grandson of Charles and Mary (Jenkins) White, the latter of Camden, Ark. Charles C. Seed, Sr., was born in Weimar, in the Grand-duchy of Saxe-Weimar, one of the Thuringian States of the German Empire, and was brought to America by his parents when only six months of age. The family for generations has been prominent in political, clerical, and social affairs in the old world, and descendants in America have many rare autographs and family heirlooms. The White family is of Irish stock. John White locating in South Carolina, three miles from Chester, on lands now in the posession of the family in the seventh generation. In Mrs. Ellett's Women of the Revolution will be found a thrilling sketch of Jane, wife of John White, their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army. Charles C. Seed, during a long life, resided in Monroe, Mich., Louisville, Ky., Memphis, Tenn., and Tuscaloosa, Ala. In the last named place he located in 1861 or 1862, and engaged in cloth manufacture. In 1865 his factory was burned. Later he was a cotton merchant. He never held any office other than alderman of Tuscaloosa.


Walter D. Seed, Sr., received his early education under the best teachers of Tuscaloosa. He entered the University of Alabama, from which he took his A.B. degree in 1883; was president of the Philomathic Literary Society; one of the editors of the University Monthly; was lieutenant quartermaster in the Corps of Cadets; and was one of the six honor men, thereby being privileged to deliver an oration on Commencement Day. While committing himself strictly to his business interests he took a positive stand in all matters of political nature affecting his county and State. In 1898 he was a strong factor in defeating the Populist Party in Tuscaloosa county. He was Treasurer in that county from 1896 to 1900. In 1906 he was nominated as State Treasurer over Mr. Charles A. Allen. In 1910 he was elected Lieutenant Governor.


Mr. Seed was a Methodist; and also a member of the Masons, and Council, the Knights Templar, the Woodmen of the World, the Knights of Pythias, and the Mystic Circle. He was married on September 21, 1887, in Foster's Settlement, to Ellen E., daughter of J. Luther and Rebecca (Thornton) Foster. The Foster family located in Tuscaloosa county at an early day, and it had many representatives prominent in the State.


Died on August 12, 1932.


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ADAH Surname Clippings File.



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