Alabama Commissioners of Agriculture and Industries


Joseph N. Poole: 1943-1947


Of Butler Springs, Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, was born at Palmyra, Lowndes County, Alabama, and is the son of Joseph Davidson and Jessie (Bloxom) Poole, of Palmyra and Butler Springs, a planter, member of the Alabama Legislature and of the Board of County Commissioners of Butler County; grandson of Calvin Elisha and Frances (Davidson) Poole, of Butler Conty and of Henry and Frances (Smith) Bloxom, all of Butler County. Mr. Poole's earlier ancestors, natives of South Carolina, fought in the American Revolution and in the Confederate Army.


Commissioner Poole's early education was received in private schools and later he attended Alabama Polytechnic Institute. He is a farmer, merchant and business man. He was elected to the Legislature in 1923 and served in that body for four terms and was the author of the Alabama Highway Code. He is a Democrat, a Methodist, Mason and Shriner.


Married: February 21, 1922, at Forest Home, Helen Lazenby, daughter of Harry Drake and Ella Reynolds (Lloyd) Lazenby, of Pineapple. Mrs. Poole's forefathers were early settlers in South Carolina and Georgia and were slave holding planters. Children: Joseph Neil, Jr., and Harry Davidson.


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