Alabama Constitutional Officers

Cyrus Billingslea Brown


Secretary of State: 1910-1915


Cyrus Billingslea Brown, of Montgomery, Ala., was born November 11, 1881, at Marion, Perry County, Ala.; was the son of Charles Gayle and Mary Elizabeth (Billingslea) Brown, and the grandson of Wilson Richard and Mary Coggsdell (Parrish) Brown, and of Cyrus and Sarah (Hogue) Billingslea. William R. Brown was a native of Mathews County, Va. He was the son of Jonathan Gayle Brown, who was the oldest Justice of the Peace of Mathews County and afterwards high sheriff of the county. His father was a revolutionary soldier. Wilson R. Brown moved in 1832-33 to Marion, Ala., and there became a banker and dry goods merchant. He was a steward in the Methodist church, the Superintendant of the Sunday School, President of the Board of Trustees of the Marion Female Seminary, and President of the old Perry Insurance and Trust Company. Charles G. Brown lived successively at Marion, Birmingham, and Montgomery. He served in succession as solicitor of Perry County, solicitor of Jefferson County, and as Attorney General of Alabama. During the war, he was a member of Co. F, 20th Ala. Inf. Regt. Mary Coggsdell Parish was the daughter of Charles Parrish and Elizabeth Huntington. When about twelve years of age, she, with her widowed mother, her uncle William Huntington and his wife, and old "Aunt Teamer", the slave woman of her mother, moved in one carraige and two horse wagons to Marion, Ala., and on their journey, the "stars fell". The Parrish family was originally from Virginia. The grandmother, Elizabeth Huntington, was the daughter of Plummer Huntington of the Connecticut Huntington family. He was born on a small river between Stamford and Hartford, Conn. There is near this stream, a column erected as a memorial of a battle fought between the colonists and Indians on which is engraved, as one of the participants of the battle, the name of an ancestor of Plummer Huntington. The Huntingtons are of English and the Browns of Scots ancestry.


Cyrus B. Brown was educated in the public schools of Birmingham. He was clerk of the Legislature of Alabama from 1907 to 1911, and served as Secretary of State of Alabama. He was a member of Co. B. 2nd Regt. A. N. G. from 1899 to 1904. He was a Democrat; a Baptist; a Knight of Pythias, and a Woodman of the World. He was married Nov. 16, 1904, at Selma, to Clara L. Parke, the daughter of Clifford White and Anna (Bungert) Parke, respectively of New York City and Selma, Ala.


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