Alabama Secretaries of State

Joseph D. Barron


Secretary of State: 1890-1894


Joseph D. Barron, editorial writer, legislator and State officer, was born March 19, 1833, in Upson County, Ga., and died June 11, 1910, in Montgomery; son of Elder Hiram and Pheriby (Pool) Barron; the former born in 1800 in James County, Ga., lived near Columbus, was for forty years a minister in the Primitive Baptist Church, died in 1872, in Randolph County; grandson of John and Frances (Garrard) Barron, who lived in Warren County, Ga., and of James Pool; great-grandson of William Barron who came from Waterford County, Ireland, in 1766, and settled in Warren County, Ga., was captain in the Revolutionary War, and the British offered a large reward for his head; wounded and captured in Augusta, he was beheaded by Inidan allies of the British. "His head was placed upon a pole in the center of the town, where it remained until the place was recaptured by the Americans."


Joseph D. Barron attended the common schools of Russell County; at the age of sixteen, he began to write for newspapers; in 1856 was editor of the Louina Eagle, afterwards Southern Mercury; from 1878 to his death, was connected with the editorial department of the Montgomery Advertiser; representative from Clay County, in the legislature 1874-1876; chief clerk, 1878, in office of Secretary of State, Maj. W. W. Screws, and held this position for nine years; Secretary of State, 1889-94; and sergeant Sixth Alabama cavalry, War of Secession.


He was a Primitive Baptist. Author: of many poems, essays and short stories; well-informed student of Indian law, traditions and characteristics, and wrote on these subjects, many articles of great value, historically.


Married: in 1854, to Rebecca, daughter of Allen and Rebecca (Pearson) Wood, who lived at Forsyth, Ga. Children: 1. Oscar Percy, m. Mrs. Emma Zimmerman; 2. William Yancey, m. Lillian DeVore; 3. Florence Nightingale, m. Fillmore N. Bunn; 4. John Sidney, m. Rosa Lee Fountain; 5. Theodora Blanche; 6. Lizzie Lu, m. William R. Greene; 7. Norah Linda, m. James Long Jackson; 8. Minnie Eldorado, m. Allen S. Rankin; 9. Wallace Screws, m. Margaret McAllister. Last residence: Montgomery.


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