Alabama Attorneys General

Current Attorney General: Steve Marshall: 2017-



Luther Strange (2011-2017)

Strange was appointed February 9, 2017, by Governor Robert Bentley to fulfill the unexpired US Senate term of Jeff Sessions.

Troy King (2004-2011 )

King was appointed March 8, 2004, by Governor Bob Riley to fill the vacancy created by Bill Pryor's resignation.

Bill Pryor:1997-2004
February 20, 2004 Bill Pryor resigned as Attorney General of Alabama to accept a recess appointment from President George W. Bush as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals, eleventh circuit.

Jeff Sessions: 1995-1997
In November 1996 Sessions was elected to the U.S. Senate
Jimmy Evans: 1991-1995
Don Siegelman: 1987-1991
John Patterson: 1955-1959

Bernard Sykes: 1954-1955 (appointed acting Attorney General June 24, 1954)

Si Garrett: 1951-1954
James Q. Smith: 1919-1923
Massey Wilson: 1903-1907
Henry C. Tompkins: 1878-1884
Benjamin Gardner: 1872-1874
Joshua Morse: 1868-1870
Marion A. Baldwin: 1847-1865
William H. Martin: 1847
Matthew W. Lindsay: 1839-1843
Lincoln Clark: 1838-1839
Thomas D. Clarke: 1843-1847

Alexander B. Meek: 1836

(appointed to fill the vacancy created when

Peter Martin was appointed to the circuit

court bench.)

Peter Martin: 1832-1836
Thomas White: 1823-1825
Henry Hitchcock: 1819-1823