Alabama Lieutenant Governors

photo of Ala. Lt. Gov. Edward Hawthorne Moren


Edward Hawthorne Moren

Lieutenant Governor: 1870-1872



Edward Hawthorne Moren, , physician and Lieutenant Governor of Alabama, was born December 25, 1825, in Dinwiddie County, Va., and died March 19, 1886, at Centerville; son of Daniel and Mary (Crawford) Moren, the former who was a merchant and farmer and who was, for several terms, a member of the senate of Virginia, the latter a native of South Carolina. He received a common school education and graduated from a medical college in New York; soon after entered the U. S. Army as assistant surgeon and served in that capacity during the Mexican War, resigning in 1848.


He settled in Bibb County in 1851, and devoted himself to his profession for ten years. In 1861 he was chosen to represent Perry and Bibb Counties in the upper house of the general assembly, and in 1865 was re-elected, both times without opposition. He was a member of the committee of finance and taxation, and afforded valuable aid when he devised a system of revenue to aid the treasury of Alabama at a time when it was almost exhausted and public credit was in imminent peril. He was also chairman of the joint committee on retrenchment. In 1861 he entered the C. S. Army as surgeon with the Twenty-ninth Alabama, and was subsequently put in charge of a hospital at Greenville. During the election of 1870, when an injunction had been issued, intending to defeat the popular will as expressed by the ballotbox, and to retain the executive and the treasury in the hands of a party which had been condemned by the people, Dr. Moren was elected Lieutenant-Governor. He was a member of the board of regents of the University of Alabama; was an old line Whig; and a Mason.


Married: July 5, 1860, at Centerville to Mary Frances, a native of Alabama, daughter of Samuel Wilson and Frances (Stringfellow) Davidson, the former who came to Alabama in 1819, from Mecklenburg, N. C., and represented Bibb County in the legislature in 1840, and was an elder of the Presbyterian church, which through his efforts and the efforts of a few others was founded in Centerville, and built in 1859, who died March 4, 1863, the latter who was a South Carolinian and died October 30, 1848. Last residence: Centerville.


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