Alabama Lieutenant Governors

Albert Boutwell


Albert Boutwell

Lieutenant Governor: 1959-1963


Albert Burton Boutwell, of Birmingham, was born November 13, 1904, at Montgomery; son of Clarence Columbus and Lydia (Sweatt) Boutwell, of Butler County, who lived at Greenville, Montgomery and Birmingham, still residing at the latter place; grandson of Burt and Fannie (Lester) Boutwell, of Forest Home, Butler County, the former a Confederate veteran and farmer and of Albert Jefferson and Annie (Smith) Sweatt, of Montgomery, the former a Confederate veteran and a real estate man.


Mr. Boutwell was a graduate of Greenville High School and of the University of Alabama, with the LL.B. degree in 1928. He was a member of the Sigma Delta Kappa law fraternity, the Alpha Phi Epsilon, honorary Forensic Fraternity; President of the Student Government Association, 1928, and President of other organizations. He began the practice of law in 1928 in Birmingham and entered into partnership with Sam C. Pointer in 1936, later with Burgin Hawkins under the firm name Boutwell, Pointer, and Hawkins; was admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court in 1937. He was elected to the State Senate in 1946 for a four-year term and re-elected in 1950 serving as president pro-tem during the latter term. He was re-elected for a 3rd term in 1954, for four years. He served as Chairman of the Interim Legislative Committee on Segregation in the Public Schools pursuant to Resolution 49, approved September 21, 1953; elected Lt. Governor of Alabama, 1958, for the 1959-1963 term. Boutwell defeated Eugene "Bull" Connor in 1963 to become mayor of Birmingham. He was twice elected and served as a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee from the Ninth Congressional District from 1939-1947. He served as a delegate from the State at Large at the National Democratic Convention in Chicago, in 1944, and as State Finance Director for the Democratic Party in Alabama on two occasions. He was a former President of the Birmingham Junior Chamber of Commerce and was National Vice-President of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce for two terms. He was a Methodist, an Elk, and a Mason.


Married: November 23, 1934, at Birmingham, Helen Balfour, daughter of Dr. Charles Hunter and Carrie Linder (Helden) Drake, of that place, the former a descendant of Sir Francis Drake. Children: 1. Helen Linder; 2. Albert Burton; 3. Charles Drake.


Boutwell died on February 3, 1978.



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