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Alabama Civil War Service Database

Search Instructions

The database may be searched in several ways:


The personal name field may be searched by last name, first name, middle initial, or any part thereof.
i.e. If you enter "bag" in the field labeled Last Name, your search would turn up all of the following:




Names are often inconsistently spelled so different searches may be required. (i.e. Johnson vs. Johnston)


The branch field is for the branch of service (i.e. Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Navy, Home Guard, Militia).


The regimental unit field is for the unit designation (i.e. 29th Alabama Regiment, 5th Alabama Battalion, Semple's Battery, fleet assignment).


The company unit field may be a letter designation or a ship name (i.e. company H or a ship name like the C. S. S. Alabama).


The company unit name field is for searching for units by their name (i.e. Perote Guards).


All of these fields may be searched by using any or all of the characters (i.e. to find "Perote Guards" use; per, perote, guard, guards, etc. , as your search term.)


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