Alabama History Activity Sheets

Our activity sheets make learning about Alabama's history fun! They include crossword puzzles, word searches, matching games, and more. Select one of the topics below:



State of Alabama
- Alabama Longleaf Pine
- Alabama State Capitals
- Alabama State Symbols
- Alabama the Beautiful
- Alabama Trivia Crossword
- Where is Alabama?

First Alabamians
- Creeks Land in Alabama
- First Alabamians Gallery Word Search
- Mississippian Village Map
- Southeastern Indian Projectile Points
- Southeastern Indian and European Trade Goods

Alabama History
- From Field to Fashion: Cotton in 1850s Alabama
- 1900s Alabama Railroad Town
- Industry in 1900s Alabama
- World War I: Uncle Sam Needs Your Help!
- Great Depression and the New Deal
- Women's Army Corps in Alabama
- Rosa Parks Changed the Rules
- Selma to Montgomery March Word Search and Matching Game
- Meteorites and Space Museums