Alabama Church and Synagogue Records Collection Database

This is an index to the Alabama Church and Synagogue Records Collection. This collection contains the records of major denominations within Alabama, including Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Episcopal, Jewish, Methodist and Presbyterian. The records pertain to churches throughout Alabama and a few synagogues and document their activity through minutes, registers, financial records, correspondence, reports, programs, and scrapbooks.


Due to name changes over time, use only a small part of a church's name in the item field to retrieve records for a particular church. In many cases, a volume will contain records of more than one small church. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that researchers search by county or county and denomination to find records of churches near your ancestors. For Methodists, Baptists, and Presbyterians, churches were grouped in circuits, associations, and presbyteries respectively that crossed county lines. Searching records of adjacent counties may also yield relevant results.

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