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The Friends Gift Shop is located at 624 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, on the first floor of the Alabama Department of Archives and History building. It is generally open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., and is staffed by Archives volunteers. Tour Groups are encouraged to take time before or after their scheduled tours to shop. Orders may be shipped for individuals and organizations that cannot schedule a tour. Shipping & handling charges will apply. To place an order, contact Allison Gore at (334) 353-4691 or


New! The Alabama Guide-- $40.00 hardcover, $25.00 soft cover!

Item Name and Description Unit Price
"Archives Exclusive":
1721 Senex map of Louisiana and Mississippi River $12.00
1818 Melish Map of Alabama $10.00
1823 Tanner Map of Alabama & Georgia $20.00
1829 Finley Map of Alabama $7.00
1836 Tanner Map of Alabama $7.00
1845 Woodbridge Map of Southern Division of the U.S. $7.00
1846 Bradford Map of Alabama $7.00
1855 Colton Map of Alabama $7.00
1866 Colton Map of Alabama $7.00
1874 Taintor Bros & Merrill Map of Alabama $8.00
1884 Gray Map of Alabama $10.00
1895 US General Land Office Map of Alabama $12.00
1905 Geographic Publishing Map of Alabama $10.00
"Tattered Banners" Poster (Civil War Flags) $10.00
"Historic Alabama" Postcards, Various designs $.50
Archives Pencils $.25
Alabama Flags $2.50
Confederate Flags $2.50
Mobile Middle Bay Lighthouse $10.00
Gilliland Covered Bridge $18.75
Swan Covered Bridge $18.75
Governors of Alabama Book - hardback (through Siegelman) $50.00
Governors of Alabama Book - paperback $25.00
Lapel Pins - State of Alabama + Alabama Flag $1.50
Postcards (various Alabama sites) 3 for $1.00
Alabama Biographies:
Henry Aaron, Tallulah Bankhead, Hugo L. Black, Paul "Bear" Bryant, Sam Dale, A. G. Gaston, W. C. Handy, Thomas Martin, Jesse Owens, Rosa Parks, Daniel Pratt, Emma Sansom, Fred Shuttlesworth, Julia Tutwiler, Joseph Wheeler
$8.50 ea.
African American:
Jesse Owens Book, Sabin, 48 pages $3.00
Triumph (Jesse Owens), Schapp 271 pages $24.00
Nat King Cole, An Unforgettable Life of Music, Simpkins, 60 pages $6.00
Civil Rights:
Montgomery Bus Boycott Book, (The Women Who Started It) Robinson $14.00
Young Martin Luther King Book, Mattern, 32 pages (ages 5-8) $3.50
Civil War:
Black Soldiers of the Civil War Book $4.00
Caps - Infantry (Gray - Confederate & Blue - Union) $6.00
Uniforms of the Confederacy $3.00
Uniforms of the Union $3.00
Confederate Coins Set (4 coins, replicas) $7.50
Confederate $5 Gold Coins (replicas) $2.50
Confederate $20 Gold Coin (replicas) $3.50
Confederate Water Globe $6.00
Civil War spy glass $20.00
Civil War compass $13.00
Civil War rifle pen $4.00
Bronze resin bust of Lincoln, Lee, Stonewall Jackson, U.S. Grant $16.00
Kunstlers Civil War - 12 postcards North or South $4.00
Musket Balls (replicas) $2.00
Confederate/Union action figures $6.00
Hand-Painted Historic Civil War Figures (Flag bearer and drummer) $4.00
Cavalry lapel pins $1.75
Civil War medallions (Lincoln, Lee, Davis, Jackson, Stuart) $3.50
Civil War brass Christmas ornament $9.00
Civil War Ornaments (resin figure) $7.00
Russel's Civil War Photographs Book $13.00
Story of the Civil War Coloring Book $4.00
General Historical/Genealogical:
Calico Bonnets $5.00
Hunting For Your Heritage, comic book style guide for researching family history, 12 pages $1.25
Patchwork Stickers $1.50
Pencil Sharpeners metal replicas: Gatling Gun, Cannon, Sewing Machine, Antique Telephone, Rocket, Trolley, Space Shuttle, Stealth Bomber $3.00
Quill Pen & Ink Set $3.00
The Civil War in Alabama (map & narrative) $5.00
Indian/Native American:
Dream Catcher pouch necklace (2 styles) $5.00
Soapstone boxes with inlay design $6.00 & $8.00
Arrowheads (replicas) $ .50
Arrowheads (Hand knapped) $3.00-$7.00
Arrowhead Necklace (replicas) semi-precious stones $5.00
The Creek Captives Book, Blackshear, 186 pages $12.00
First Alabamians Poster $5.00
Wolfdog of Woodland Indians, Searcy $9.00
Gold Disc of Coosa, Brown $12.00
Moundville, Blitz $22.00
Ancestry and Archival Supplies:
Archival starter kit (box, folders) $15.00
Family Tree charts -- Victorian or Early American $8.00
6 Generation family chart $2.00
Twig pencils $1.00
Sharks teeth (fossilized) $1.00
Sharks teeth necklace (fossilized) $5.00
Year of Alabama Art poster $5.00
Year of Alabama Outdoor pin $2.00
Year of Alabama Sports posters (4 different images) $10.00
Famous Be'ans (Lincoln, Davis, GW Carver) $15.00
WhoWhatWhere in Alabama poster 12 x 18 $5.00
WhoWhatWhere in Alabama postcards $.50
Kathryn Tucker Windham (KTW) ...My Daddy's Stories cd $15.00
Kathryn Tucker Windham Front Porch Rocking Chairs cd $16.00
Kathryn Tucker Windham DVD "Story of a Teller" $30.00
Books, Magazines, and Posters
Cradle of Freedom, Gaillard $25.00
Alabama History Geography & Civics of an American State $50.00
Dream Ghost, Dalton $20.00
Stand Up for Alabama, bio. of Geo. Wallace, by Frederick $45.00
Absolutely Alabama $7.00
Cooking in Selma During the Civil Rights Movement cookbook, by Bruce L. Holmes, Sr. $18

Updated: October 5, 2010